We have the tools. We have the talent.

Our integrated state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities give us complete control of all projects, from custom jobs to large-scale store roll-outs. Our craftspeople work in a wide variety of materials while our assembly department combines the components, ensuring flawless fit and performance in the field.

Store Fixtures

BGI delivers craftsmanship in every detail of our projects, all from our ultra-modern manufacturing facility located in southwestern Ontario. Our millwork team uses their amazing trade skills to provide premium solid wood cabinets, veneers finishes along with laminated finishes on a wide range of store fixtures and merchandisers.

Wall Systems

Wall systems are needed to cover a wide range of functions for today’s retailers; they display merchandise, make brand statements, and become part of the décor. All of this is done while requiring the flexibility to change out weekly or seasonally. We offer versatile systems, servicing fashion, big box, and specialty and everything in between.


Our manufacturing platform delivers a wide range of merchandisers and merchandising systems from free standing floor units to countertop displays. Working with your product we can create a system that best meets merchandising needs.


A number of brands live inside the walls of retailers and need to stand out from the crowd of competitors. Over the years BGI has designed, manufactured and installed a number of projects that cover big box to high-end fashion. We work with the brand and the retailers to provide a great in-store destination.

Case Work

There are times when large rollouts or an aggressive build program require efficiency and speed to market while keeping on budget. Our Millwork shop can provide cost effect large run lots of 50 to 500+ cabinets built to meet your timetable.

Architectural & Institutional Millwork

The benefit of a flexible manufacturing base allows BGI to build quality architectural projects. Over the years we have found that much of this work can be pre-manufactured in shop with site specific detail completed on site. This allows for a cost effective build and less site installation, providing savings on a well-planned project.

Full Storage System

Overstock can distract from the products on the shelf, BGI has a number of cost effective systems that can become part of the décor or branding while creating a pleasant in-store environment

Décor Cloud

Décor Cloud is a lightweight hanging panel system developed by BGI that delivers an overhead structure, signage or graphic image for any in-store destination. It’s easy to install because the panels are designed to be interlocking. This system can run straight or follow a curved path of the floor layout.

Led Panel & Light Systems

Our offering uses the latest technology that can be a standalone panel that brightens any image or LED lighting built into décor or fixture elements to light up the day for your shoppers.

Gondola Trim Systems

Gondola systems, although extremely versatile, are not the most visually appealing to your customers.  BGI Retail can develop a “Gondola Trim Kit” that will enhance the customer experience. From average to spectacular.

Program Focus: Large Run

BGI Retail is the current provider of one of the largest décor program rollouts currently in North America, to a leading big box brand. From development to the fulfillment and distribution of key projects, BGI can manage the full scope; from design, store planning, manufacturing, inventory management, and installation.


From acrylic components to full acrylic merchandise units, BGI Retail can design and fabricate everything that you need.  Based on our single source manufacturing platform we can integrate a combination of acrylic, print, wood or metal. Explore the opportunities of BGI Retail.

Metal Fabrication

An important part of serving our Retail customers is providing a full suite of services.  The BGI Metal division allows us to develop standalone metal fixtures and merchandisers or weave wood or décor into a unique finished product. This asset supports creating an engaging in-store experience.

Décor & Millwork Parts Support

Very few companies have the manufacturing support for both wood and metal all under one roof.  At BGI Retail, we produce metal components that blend seamlessly into other areas of our manufacturing expertise. This ensures coordination with other materials as well as allows us to control the quality and delivery of all your projects.

Merchandisers – Bracket Units

For the manufacturing of Freestanding units, table top displays, brackets, hangbars, faceouts or any other store requirements look to the experts of BGI metal. Everything can be managed and produced in our facility along with all your other needs.


BGI Retail is an industry leader with outstanding digital capabilities; our major investment in technology serves our client base with high quality print on a wide range of substrates.

POP “Agency” Promo

There is always a need to support the in-store experience on sales, new products and featured items or building brand awareness. Working with our creative studios our design experts build promotional support material that enhances and grows in-store sales.

Décor – Signage

Décor supports so many aspects of retail, including: wayfinding systems, endcap displays, lifestyle imagery, product information and pricing points. At BGI we can use our in-house systems or build a unique solution to match your exact needs.

Finishing –> Distribution

It’s one thing to be able to manufacture all the parts and pieces that make up a print/décor solution but it’s another to pull it all together into a complete finished solution.  Our finishing department has over 30 years of experience in pulling everything together into a solution that will exceed your expectations.

Vinyl Fabrication

All companies have a starting point and in 1989 BGI began its life as a computer cut vinyl supplier serving a regional client base.  From this foundation we have grown to a full service design and manufacturing company. However, as in the early years the market requires this expertise and we continue to support this need.


From tabletop displays to full acrylic merchandising systems, BGI Retail is your one stop shop for all of your acrylic needs.